Section I – Governance

Article IMission and Vision Statements  
Article IILocal Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)  
Article IIISchool Accountability Report Card (SARC)  
Article IVBoard Policy Review CommitteeAR 
Article VBoard Member Operations  
Article VIRole of the Board  

Section II – Community Relations

Article IFamily Engagement – Title I, Part A  
Article IIUniform Complaint ProceduresAR 
Article IIIParental Notification  
Article IVAccess to Public RecordsAR 
Article VFood Service and Sales  
Article VIVolunteers  
Article VIIAnnual Parents/Guardians Rights Notice  
Article VIIIWilliams Uniform Complaint Procedures  
Article IXComplaints Relating to Pupil Nutrition  

Section III – Business

Article IStipends and Overtime  
Article IIConflict of Interest Code  
Article IIIAuthority Signature to Enter into Contracts  
Article IVEmployment of Relatives  
Article VCampus Visitors  
Article VICovid-19 Mitigation Plan  
Article VIIConsultant Services  
Article VIIIBudget Development and MonitoringAR 
Article IXConferences and Travel  
Article XFinancial Reporting and Auditing  
Article XIExpenditures for Supplies, Services, and Equipment – General  
Article XIIUse of School Credit Card  
Article XIIIBids  
Article XIVFees and Charges  
Article XVTobacco Free School  
Article XVIFiscal Management – Internal Controls  
Article XVIIConflict of Interest  
Article XVIIIComprehensive School Safety Plan  
Article XIXSchool Food Safety Program  
Article XXFree and Reduced-Price Meals  
Article XXILease Capitalization  

Section IV – Personnel

Article ICertification  
Article IIComplaints – GeneralAR 
Article IIIReasonable AccommodationAR 
Article IVRelease from Employment  
Article VTuberculosis Health Examinations  
Article VINondiscrimination in EmploymentAR 
Article VIIRecruitment and Selection  
Article VIIIEmployment Contracts and Notification  
Article IXEvaluation and Supervision  
Article XLeaves and Personal Time Off (PTO)  
Article XIDrug and Alcohol Free Workplace  
Article XIIEmployee Use of Technology  
Article XIIIExposure Control Plan for Blood Borne PathogensAR 
Article XIVWorking Remotely  

Section V – Students

Article IResponding to Detention or Deportation of Student’s Family Member  
Article IIPregnant, Parenting, Married Students  
Article IIICollection and Retention of Student Information  
Article IVGuidance PlanAR 
Article VResponse to Immigration EnforcementAR 
Article VIPositive School Climate  
Article VIIAttendanceAR 
Article VIIIFoster Youth  
Article IXHomeless Education  
Article XSuicide Prevention  
Article XIIndependent StudyAR 
Article XIITechnology and Internet Access Acceptable Use AgreementAR 
Article XIIINondiscrimination, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying  
Article XIVField Trips  
Article XVTitle IX – Sexual Harassment  
Article XVIHead Lice  
Article XVIIAdministering Medication and Monitoring Health ConditionsAR 
Article XVIIIWellness Program  
Article XIXSpecial Education ServicesAR 
Article XXKindergarten Under-Age Admission  
Article XXI504 PlanAR 
Article XXIISmartphones  
Article XXIIIWeapons and Dangerous InstrumentsAR 

Section VI – Facilities

Article IIntegrated Pest Management  

Section VII – Board Bylaws

UCEN Board Bylaws