Section I – Governance

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Mission and Vision Statements
Article II Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
Article III School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
Article IV Board Policy Review Committee AR
Article V Board Member Operations
Article VI Role of the Board

Section II – Community Relations

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Family Engagement – Title I, Part A
Article II Uniform Complaint Procedures AR
Article III Parental Notification
Article IV Access to Public Records AR
Article V Food Service and Sales
Article VI Volunteers
Article VII Annual Parents/Guardians Rights Notice

Section III – Business

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Stipends and Overtime
Article II Conflict of Interest Code
Article III Authority Signature to Enter into Contracts
Article IV Employment of Relatives
Article V Campus Visitors
Article VI Covid-19 Mitigation Plan
Article VII Consultant Services
Article VIII Budget Development and Monitoring AR
Article IX Conferences and Travel
Article X Financial Reporting and Auditing
Article XI Expenditures for Supplies, Services, and Equipment – General
Article XII Use of School Credit Card
Article XIII Bids
Article XIV Fees and Charges
Article XV Tobacco Free School
Article XVI Fiscal Management – Internal Controls
Article XVII Conflict of Interest
Article XVIII School Safety Plan

Section IV – Personnel

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Certification
Article II Complaints – General AR
Article III Reasonable Accommodation AR
Article IV Release from Employment
Article V Tuberculosis Health Examinations
Article VI Nondiscrimination in Employment
Article VII Recruitment and Selection
Article VIII Employment Contracts and Notification
Article IX Evaluation and Supervision
Article X Leaves and Personal Time Off (PTO)
Article XI Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
Article XII Employee Use of Technology
Article XIII Exposure Control Plan for Blood Borne Pathogens

Section V – Students

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Responding to Detention or Deportation of Student’s Family Member
Article II Pregnant, Parenting, Married Students
Article III Collection and Retention of Student Information
Article IV Guidance Plan AR
Article V Response to Immigration Enforcement AR
Article VI Positive School Climate
Article VII Attendance AR
Article VIII Foster Youth
Article IX Homeless Education
Article X Suicide Prevention
Article XI Independent Study AR
Article XII Technology and Internet Access Acceptable Use Agreement AR
Article XIII Nondiscrimination, Anti-Harassment, Bullying, Hate Crime AR
Article XIV Field Trips
Article XV Title IX
Article XVI Head Lice
Article XVII Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions

Section VI – Facilities

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Integrated Pest Management

Section VII – Board Bylaws

UCEN Board Bylaws