Section I – Governance

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Mission and Vision Statements
Article II Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
Article III School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
Article IV Board Policy Review Committee AR
Article V Board Member Operations
Article VI Role of the Board

Section II – Community Relations

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Family Engagement – Title I, Part A
Article II Uniform Complaint Procedures AR
Article III Parental Notification
Article IV Access to Public Records AR
Article V Food Service and Sales
Article VI Volunteers
Article VII Annual Parents/Guardians Rights Notice
Article VIII Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures

Section III – Business

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Stipends and Overtime
Article II Conflict of Interest Code
Article III Authority Signature to Enter into Contracts
Article IV Employment of Relatives
Article V Campus Visitors
Article VI Covid-19 Mitigation Plan
Article VII Consultant Services
Article VIII Budget Development and Monitoring AR
Article IX Conferences and Travel
Article X Financial Reporting and Auditing
Article XI Expenditures for Supplies, Services, and Equipment – General
Article XII Use of School Credit Card
Article XIII Bids
Article XIV Fees and Charges
Article XV Tobacco Free School
Article XVI Fiscal Management – Internal Controls
Article XVII Conflict of Interest
Article XVIII Comprehensive School Safety Plan
Article XIX School Food Safety Program
Article XX Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Section IV – Personnel

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Certification
Article II Complaints – General AR
Article III Reasonable Accommodation AR
Article IV Release from Employment
Article V Tuberculosis Health Examinations
Article VI Nondiscrimination in Employment
Article VII Recruitment and Selection
Article VIII Employment Contracts and Notification
Article IX Evaluation and Supervision
Article X Leaves and Personal Time Off (PTO)
Article XI Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
Article XII Employee Use of Technology
Article XIII Exposure Control Plan for Blood Borne Pathogens AR
Article XIV Working Remotely

Section V – Students

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Responding to Detention or Deportation of Student’s Family Member
Article II Pregnant, Parenting, Married Students
Article III Collection and Retention of Student Information
Article IV Guidance Plan AR
Article V Response to Immigration Enforcement AR
Article VI Positive School Climate
Article VII Attendance AR
Article VIII Foster Youth
Article IX Homeless Education
Article X Suicide Prevention
Article XI Independent Study AR
Article XII Technology and Internet Access Acceptable Use Agreement AR
Article XIII Nondiscrimination, Anti-Harassment, Bullying, Hate Crime AR
Article XIV Field Trips
Article XV Title IX
Article XVI Head Lice
Article XVII Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions AR
Article XVIII Wellness Program
Article XIX Special Education Services AR
Article XX Kindergarten Under-Age Admission
Article XXI 504 Plan AR
Article XXII Smartphones
Article XXIII Weapons and Dangerous Instruments AR

Section VI – Facilities

Article Policy AR Ex
Article I Integrated Pest Management

Section VII – Board Bylaws

UCEN Board Bylaws